Tuesday, September 5, 2017


We are trying something NEW! Students are not using their planners anymore (they can be kept at home) and we are switching to a monthly homework board. Students will now receive a monthly homework board where there will be 20 choices (language arts, math, science/social studies) your child will need to complete AT LEAST 16 choices and return at the end of the month. The September homework board will be due FRIDAY SEPTEMBER 29 and include at least 16 signatures from a parent/guardian acknowledging completion. PLEASE be sure students are using correct capitalization, punctuation, spelling, and grammar for all writing tasks and are complete when orally describing any answers. Students will have their board 3 hole punched so they can be kept in their binders each month. Students can choose what assignment (box) they want to complete and when (as long as 16 are completed by Sept. 29). This allows for more flexibility to choose which assignment you would like to do and when, however we are hoping you hold your child to the same high expectations we do here at school for quality work! Here is a sneak peek at what the homework board coming home tonight looks like!


Tuesday, April 18, 2017

April 19- May 1

  • Add/Subtract 100 facts in 5 minutes
  • Solve word problems using models (equations, tables, pictures, etc)
  • Round numbers to the nearest 10, 100, or 1,000
  • Estimate solutions
  • Divide using a model 
  • Justify their reasoning 

  • Read with fluency (111 wpm)
  • Present their animal research projects to their peers
  • Persuade others using powerful word choice/phrases
  • Identify the most important event and cite evidence
  • Use correct capitalization, punctuation, spelling, and grammar
  • Use prefixes and suffixes to decode unfamiliar words to gather meaning

Social Studies:
  • Create town laws for "Character Canyon"
  • Fill out a job application for their town job
  • Define needs, wants, goods, services, supply, demand, scarcity, and opportunity cost citing examples of each
  • Collaborate and compromise with business team members using positive and encouraging words
  • Begin producing products with business partners (Supplies due no later than Monday 4/24)
  • Begin pay day starting Monday 4/24 (students will start earning town money for showing good character and making positive choices)

  • Create and finish their human body projects to be displayed in the Canyon View Health office, Dr. Dyson's Pediatrics office, and Meal Time Connections
  • Canyon View Spring Carnival Friday 4/21 
  • Mini Society supplies due 4/20 (however if you need more time, please send them to school NO LATER than Monday 4/24)
  • Be on the look out for your child's animal research presentation in your email! 
  • Market Day Monday 5/22 8:45-9:30 in the 2nd grade pod! ALL (siblings, grandparents, aunts, uncles, etc) are welcome to come and buy goods from Character Canyon and Dubsville! Bring a shopping bag for all your goodies and we will provide you with money upon arrival! 

Monday, March 20, 2017

March 20- April 10

  • Subtract 100 facts in 5 minutes
  • Use multiple strategies (arrays, groups of, number line) to multiply
  • Solve word problems using 2 strategies and explain their thinking
  • Solve Guess and Check word problems using a model to show their thinking
  • Find the area and perimeter of various shapes

Language Arts:
  • Consistently use correct language conventions when writing
  • Locate facts while reading providing evidence
  • Write an animal research report and create a Powerpoint to share their learning with others
  • Read with fluency (111 words in 1min.)
  • Use prefixes and suffixes to change the meaning of words
  • Begin writing persuasive text

  • Describe different plant and animal adaptations in the tundra, desert, rainforest, and forest
  • Explain how plants and animals depend on one another
  • Compare and contrast different habitats and the adaptations used in each
  • Complete their animal research reports and quad-ramas to present and share

  • Desert Museum Field Trip: Thursday 3/23 Please dress your child appropriately for walking on the trails and weather. Also, have your child bring a sack lunch (we are NOT taking coolers), water bottle, and snack

  •  Book Fair: Our class will visit the CV Book Fair on Friday 3/24 after lunch. This is the last day to visit the Book Fair so if you or your child were interested in purchasing items, please send your child with money on Friday to do so

  • Talent Show: Friday 3/24 6:00-8:30pm

  • Spring Break: April 1-April 9