Tuesday, September 5, 2017


We are trying something NEW! Students are not using their planners anymore (they can be kept at home) and we are switching to a monthly homework board. Students will now receive a monthly homework board where there will be 20 choices (language arts, math, science/social studies) your child will need to complete AT LEAST 16 choices and return at the end of the month. The September homework board will be due FRIDAY SEPTEMBER 29 and include at least 16 signatures from a parent/guardian acknowledging completion. PLEASE be sure students are using correct capitalization, punctuation, spelling, and grammar for all writing tasks and are complete when orally describing any answers. Students will have their board 3 hole punched so they can be kept in their binders each month. Students can choose what assignment (box) they want to complete and when (as long as 16 are completed by Sept. 29). This allows for more flexibility to choose which assignment you would like to do and when, however we are hoping you hold your child to the same high expectations we do here at school for quality work! Here is a sneak peek at what the homework board coming home tonight looks like!